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Trev takes a break and updates the audio journal.

Episode 1: Necklace Revenge Ghost

Summer is drawing to a close. A reunion between friends goes a bit awry.

Episode 2: Impromptu Road Trip

The road trip begins. But where exactly are they going?

Episode 3: Gluten Free Garçon

Our heroes put more thought into a room service order than they do into... well, anything else.

Episode 4: You Read My Blog?

Becca and Alex face their fears. Trev and Mike face fears too - just not their own.

Episode 5: Anxiety and Poor Fashion Choices

“Things don’t go as planned” would be accurate if things had, in fact, been planned.

Episode 6: In Cahoots

Alex takes a walk. Mike takes his time. Margaret takes a chance.

Episode 7: Crush Your Enemies Like Watermelons

Mike violates traffic laws. Alex pontificates. Becca and Trev plan a mugging.

Episode 8: Something Even More Generous

The team hasn’t been great about learning their lessons so far. It’s about time they start.

Episode 9: Nightmare Experience

What happens just outside Vegas stays just outside Vegas.

Note: The first two and a half minutes of this episode contain a depiction of physical trauma and sounds of acute distress. Listener discretion is advised.

Episode 10: Alea Iacta Est

Trev and Becca test their powers and their patience. Mike and Alex dodge some roadkill. Everyone plays the odds.